TCG360™ our 360 degree approach to risk management.

Introducing TCG360™ our 360 degree approach to risk management. Twin City Group takes a more engaging approach versus the traditional insurance bidding process. Managing your risk is more than insurance to us.

Through our four step risk management process we will strategize how to protect your assets, improve your risk profile while reducing insurance costs.

TCG 360 Process

#1. Discover and identify risks.

We take an in depth look at your business to discover and identify risks that threaten your business. We take the time to learn and understand your business.

#2. Create a strategy.

Only after we have taken the time to truly learn how your business operates do we create a strategy to mitigate the risks identified during the risk discovery stage. Each strategy we compile is customized based uniquely on your business.

#3. Implement the strategy.

Once we have created and delivered your plan, we will implement the strategy with your approval. This includes protecting what is most important to your business while also reducing your insurance costs.

#4. Continuous monitoring.

Continuing to monitor the risk management strategy is key to ensure an improve risk profile and insurance premium savings. As your business grows and changes we continue to work along side you to help protect your most important assets.

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